John Valentine came of age during the turbulent 60s and 70s. Born in rural Mississippi as the son of dirt poor sharecroppers, he got an early taste of what it was like to be born black in racist America. His experience as an inquisitive young black boy growing up in the south colored his view of race and manhood, and set him on a life-long path to find his true roots… his true self.

A voracious reader and seeker of knowledge from an early age, Valentine decided to become a writer and chronicle the trials and tribulations of his people. Having failed to find many positive depictions of Black Americans in traditional American literature or history, he decided to devote his life to telling the story of African-descended peoples in his own words through a self-revelatory process he termed “ourstory” (human history told through a black cultural lens).

And, so began a long journey of personal discovery, unknown history, and untold stories, finally leading to his discovery of a treasure trove of ancient wisdom secreted in the Tombs, Temples, and Monuments of ancient Egypt. This ancient wisdom, gathered over thousands of years of direct study and observation of Nature and the Cosmos, was termed Sacred Science, a perfect blend of scientific and religious elements that explained the origin of Man and the Universe). This wisdom and knowledge, in the form of hieroglyphs, had been made inaccessible to the ignorant and the profane, who might use it for personal gain or evil. The same Sages who recorded this ancient wisdom predicted that thousands of years after their time it would be needed to show humans a new way in a floundering and disabled world.

Culled from this ancient wisdom came Valentine’s book “The Clan of Southern Man”. The book traces the history of Black people all the way back to the beginning of the human species, and show the role of ancient Africans in advancing the human line long before there were any other “races” on Earth. This all-important book introduces for the first time to a black audience the so-called “African Eve”, a black woman who lived around 150,000 years ago. Genetic research has revealed this ancient black woman to be the ancestor of all humans living today.

Throughout his long career as a published writer, Valentine has remained loyal to his early pledge to tell the story of his people from a scientific and factual perspective. Taking up the mantle of earlier Black Historians and Scientists such as Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Chancellor Williams, John G. Jackson, and many others, he has sacrificed fame and fortune to bring a truth that many , including some Blacks, are loathe to accept. That truth is that Blacks were the originators of civilization and have had their history and legacy stolen by those who would exploit their lands, resources, and labor for their own selfish gains.

The author and cultural historian strongly believes it is this disconnection to, and ignorance of, the true history of African-descended people that hinders modern day Black people in their effort to find peace, happiness, and self-fulfillment in a continuing racist world. He believes that only through a rediscovery of their ancient culture, and of themselves, can they regain their desired place in the world.

As the noted Historian John G. Jackson once wrote, “Africans were not waiting in the dark for the Europeans to bring light, but for thousands of years before had been the bearers of light themselves”.

Having finally retired from stresses of the working life, Mr. Valentine plans to spend the rest of his life bringing the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancestors to all willing to educate themselves to a new and better way of living, which can only come through embracing truth and light. He is determined to follow the advice of an ancient Egyptian Father to his young and impressionable son. Said the Father, “I have considered hard work and have concluded that books are the best thing to study. I say, then, give thy mind to books. Be a scribe my son, for more effective is a book than a decorated tombstone”.

I say to the Ancestors I have heard and I have heeded!