As to the races of men, successive epochs of terrestrial humanity, though they may co-exist, have each embodied and developed one of the psychic faculties the sum of which makes higher man. Realization of the faculty particular to a given race brings it to its peak, then, when a fresh human season starts the flowering of the faculty next in succession, to its decadence.

Are we done as a race?

Has our time passed?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines degeneration as (1). having declined in nature, character, structure, or function from an ancestral or former state. (2). To decline from a condition or from the standards of a species, race, or breed. (3). to pass from a higher to a lower type or condition. (4). to decline in quality.

Today, if we are honest, we can see the degeneration of our culture in all aspects and mediums. From music to art to literature to dance to ethics we are seeing a deterioration of our morals and our culture.

If we went back as recently as a century ago we can see how much our culture has changed for the worse.

Our quest for the almighty dollar and the acceptance of our oppressors have led to vulgarization of some of our most cherished arts and traditions.

Our almost messianic quest for integration has brought about cultural stagnation.

But don’t be fooled, the loss of many of our unique cultural affinities go far back in history.

The Sages of Ancient Egypt were concerned the African races that existed at that time were starting to lose their cultural identity due to constant migrations and invasions by Aryan peoples from Asia and Europe. As a consequence of the unrelenting assault on their culture and homelands, the ancient Sages began to sum up the history of the African ascendency by inscribing it in their Temples and Tombs.

This was more than 3,000 years ago.

Modern historians, particularly Black ones, will tell you we lost our cultural identity during the terrible centuries of slavery, both in Europe and the Americas.

And who can blame them? The terrible atrocities carried out against Africans is a story widely told, but still not fully understood in its scope and degradation of an entire race of people.

Imagine having your identity, your name, your language, your religion, your very spirit, denied to you in a strange and distant land.

Who could recover from that?

As sad as this story is our degradation did not start with American and European slavery. It started much much earlier.

As detailed in my book “The Clan of Southern Man: And the Origin of Black Culture”, the denial of our culture began at least a thousand years before the Christian era, which started around 2,000 years ago.

The denial of our culture and identity by Aryan oppressors has a long and sordid history.

I won’t detail this history here since it can be found in many of my writings. What I want to ask here is if a race that has been invaded, conquered, colonized, debased and enslaved ever recover its original self?

In other words, can we get our swagger back?

Can we get our mojo back when much of Africa is a cesspool of poverty, corruption, and warfare?

Can we ever regain our prominence when people of African descent in every country where they reside are oppressed and discriminated against?

When we, in America, are still being treated as second class citizens? When we are still being killed in the streets by racists Police? When our right to participate in the election of our leaders are being denied or restricted?

Can we, as a people, find happiness and self-fulfillment when we must adopt the culture of our oppressor to be successful?

When we expect our lives to matter to others when they don’t matter to many of us?

Seems impossible doesn’t it?

Sadly, there’s nothing I can say that would convince Black people to try to reconnect to the culture of Ancestors who suffered, sacrificed, and died so we could survive and prosper? But, perhaps the wisdom of the Ancients, passed down to us from the Sages of ancient Egypt might offer some advice.

In describing the Black race they inform us that our identity began with the consciousness of instinctive nature. This means we started by relying on our natural instincts for survival in a hostile environment.

The nuances and abstractions of life wouldn’t come until much later in our history, as our main goal was to survive. To protect family and hearth.

There was no time for self pity, self promotion, or selfishness, period.

It was all-for-one or none-for-all. Cooperation and community was of the utmost importance.

According to the Sages, our ancestors worshipped natural forces and developed psychic vision. This, of course, led to our development of a spiritual realm and the establishment of our earliest religious beliefs.

Our failure as a race, according to the Wise Men of ancient Egypt, was due to the ignorance of the mass who foolishly believed that consciousness of this order was its perfection. In other words, too many black people believed, and many still do, that others will see our innate goodness and respect it. And us.

Once our Ancestors established a pattern of life that worked for them they assumed it would be accepted by all peoples, even those coming from other lands with diametrically opposed beliefs.

Obviously, in the real world, or in the world of others, that’s not the case.

Let me leave you with some final words from the long ago past.

According to the ancient Sages: “Each race carries its innate consciousness in itself and the impulse needed for the flowering of its particular endowment. The consciousness it acquires is its own too; but the experience of its ‘Elites enriches the consciousness of humanity and makes for its overall progress. Such a race, when this experience is exhausted, may degenerate; but progress is established in the consciousness of humanity… in the species. In this way consciousness evolves race by race though each degenerates’.

‘In each race an ‘Elite is formed that survives degeneration of the people”. They then inform us that: “there is no mass advance from race to race, any more than from species to species; but there is a selection of individuals who will be the seed of the race to follow”.

Is it time for the ‘Elites of the Black race to throw off the shackles of ignorance and start a new race?

A race not burdened by the ignorance of the mass?

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